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Titanium Line Thrower

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For When You Need a Line

Fording the river, climbing that tree, hoisting your gear up, there are so many reasons to get a line in the correct place, and it's not always so easy. In comes the Titaner Line Thrower. This nifty little capsule packs compact in it's own cylindrical body, and assembles into a line thrower.

How to:

Unscrew the back, and retrieve the titanium hooks (3) stowed in the tube body: screw them onto the tube body, screw back the cap onto the tube body, then simply attach a length of 550 cord to the eyelet; your good to go! 


  • 1.58 oz. weight
  • 2.04" Long, 0.76" Outer Diameter, 0.51" Inner Diameter
  • Comes with carrying pouch and a spare o-ring

This item is not recommended as a grappling hook, and will not support your full weight, at least not for long!