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In and Out

There's that valley or mountainside you've been meaning to explore. You've not felt quite prepared to take on the challenge yet; you just don't have the tools you need...

This recon pack is designed to carry just the essentials for a planned out excursion to that unexplored valley. Bring your topographical map and chart your progress with the included lensatic compass. Your Sinairsoft Tactical Pack will carry your maps and food + water. Once it starts to rain, simply place the included rain cover over your pack to keep your maps dry. You're not sure what to expect, so you keep your Barracuda knife handy for quick encounters or minor utilitarian tasks. 

Get ready to find that unexpected treasure in the valley yonder! This package includes what's seen:

  • Sinairsoft Shoulder Sling Recon Pack
  • Pack Rain Cover
  • Aluminum Lensatic Compass
  • Barracuda Knife 

Please keep in mind - That by ordering this pack you are agreeing to receive your goods as they come: the parts may ship separately. If there is a color not available in one of your choices, it will be substituted for another.