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Gentleman EDC Kit - Titanium

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For the Respectable Man or Woman

We can all be gentlemen. Whomever you are, you need the right tools for the day. For this we have provided all that the discerning gentleman would need to accomplish his or her daily tasks.

Discerning smile -  the provided titanium flat tooth pick is perfect for daily ritual cleaning, as it will never wear out and it's completely hypoallergenic, so pick away! This pick also has the benefit of no steely taste in your mouth when cleaning.

Separate way to carry cash - not any ordinary way cash clip will do. This kit comes with a solid titanium cash clip, perfect for keeping your paper stash separate. It's so light you'll barely know it's in your pocket.

Prepared - You'll never know what problem your going to run into, so why not carry an all approach multi-tool? You are provided with a super-light solid titanium multi-tool by Titaner. This little tool fits easily in a pocket or bag and provides a lot of function per oz. with 9 tools in 1, including a bottle opener.

What this kit has:

  1. Titanium Flat Tooth Pick 
  2. Titanium Cash Clip - 3 color options
  3. Titanium Multi-Tool - 3 color options


  • Tooth Pick - 3.22" Long x 0.19" Wide 0.05" Thick
  • Cash Clip - 2.24" Long x 0.71" Wide x 0.05" Thick
  • Multi-Tool - 3.30" Long x 0.94" Wide x 0.11" Thick - Tools included: 7 hex wrenches, pry bar, and bottle opener.

This Kit is Super Light Weight. Only ~2 oz! - All parts included are made by Titaner.

Because this is a bundle, you get these 3 items at a discount compared to buying separately!