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Titanium Simple Waterproof Capsule

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Waterproof Strorage Solution

Keep your small goods safe and dry. This simple little Titanium capsule by Titaner has enough space to carry all your small essentials that you just need to keep a close eye on: pills, rolled up cash, or small survival gear such as fishing hooks and wire. Wear on your neck by running string through the milled lanyard hole or keep safe in your bag for easy retrieval.


  • Solid Titanium Makeup
  • 0.93 oz Weight
  • 2.13" Tall x 0.84" Diameter
  • 1.58" Depth x 0.66" Inner Diameter (.18" Thick Walls)
  • Water Proof
  • Super Tough
  • Wearable

Great for pills, as these capsules are hypo-allergenic!