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Solar Fire Starter

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What Could Be Simpler?

Light + Lens = Fire. While a good ol' lighter is undoubtedly the easiest method to create fire, it's always good to have a backup plan. This little parabolic lens works with direct sunlight by focusing the suns rays into a single spot conveniently placed in a wire tinder housing in the middle of the device.

To Use:

  • Load the wire housing in the center with flammable tinder
  • In direct sunlight, angle the lens to create 1 single hot spot
  • Be patient and let the sun do it's thing
  • Voila, you have a burning tinder bundle!


  • 3.81" Diameter
  • Aluminum coated plastic parabolic lens
  • Bendable tinder wire housing for easy transport

This method of fire making takes some practice, so take the time to learn it well!