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Pocket Chain Saw With Carry Pouch

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These things are awesome!

If you really want to up your game from a thumb saw, this will do the trick! Chop through nearly any length of limb with these real, hand chain-saws. 

These retain cutting power for quite a long time, and work well if taken care of properly: lightly Apply 3 in 1 oil to the chain after heavy use and it will cut all the better for it.

For use in heavy or large branches / logs, we recommend that you cut from the underside with vertical pulls on the chain, as opposed to gravity working against the chain in the horizontal position. 

  • Easy to use, hand straps make good grip very easy.
  • Light to carry: weighs only 4oz.
  • Heat treated strengthened steel 
  • Chain length is ~25"

These saws work fantastic, we use them ourselves!